(see Commissions & fees detail)

I generally like to work from photos exclusively/ as it allows me time to work freely and it is hard for even professional models to pose for any length of time. If you are local I would love to view the subject in person and take my own photos(unless it is a gift) If you are not local you may send your favorite photos and if you would take a few extra for
Side angles etc of subjects it would be very helpful.

I normally need 4- 6 weeks to complete your painting in Pastel as I may be working on other commissions as well. Also if you have a Special Occasion please let me know so I may accommodate you. Oils will be done in sessions as I use a traditional layered and glazed effect. 1- 3 months.
Frames will not be included: If you are local I will be very happy to help you pick out a frame that not only enhances your painting but one that will look well in the room you are to use it in. Please feel free to advise me of colors you prefer. Paint or fabric swatches would be welcomed. All shipping fees will be paid by you. (remember if you live far it would be wiser to have your local framer , frame your work rather than use it on pricey shipping fees. The lighter the package the less expensive. If You would prefer that I frame your work and ship it that way there will be Handeling fee.

All Pastels will be matted unless I send them in a tube which is probably more secure. You then will take the Pastel to your local framer and have them put it under plain glass or non glare glass and “museum mount” it to keep away from the glass. Always hang it away from direct sunlight as it will smudge in moisturized weather on to the glass. It will never hurt the picture but you may have to remove the glass and brush it off or clean with a dry towel. (Please read my note on Pastels)
(please see Commissions and Fees for Detail!)

Please contact artist for financial arrangements. You may mail me your photos to my business address.

Business Address:

Barbara Woolston
17419 1/2 San Jose St
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Any other questions or concerns please contact artist at (818)634-5850 or E-mail