Pastel’s (Pastiche French) in art are the purist pigment that can be applied. Pure oil in a tube form not mixed with any other chemicals or mediums. They will last through the centuries longer with out yellowing when properly framed and displayed. (no varnish or medium to turn yellow!) Never to be called or confused with Chalk. Chalk is a limestone substance impregnated with fugitive dyes. Pastel is a major medium used by artists like Water Color , Acrylic, or Oils on canvas.

I use Strathmore /Charcoal /Pastel paper /Velour ,or Crescent Mat or Rag Board for most of my Pastel work. I use a 16th century style of French Pastel where several layers are cris-crossed over each other to create more depth and 3rd dimensional realism in cases.
Different materials will create different appearances. Some will look very smooth and some extremely rugged or textured.

French Pastel Style should “not be sprayed with a fixative “smears and dulls the colors.
and de-values the art! So when I send you your work it will be in a protected tube or wrapped under plexy-glass/heavy board and wrapped stationery to ship or transport to you. You should carefully unwrap it and transport it to your framer. Unless of course I do
the framing.

Pastel should be mounted with “Museum Mounts “and a mat to keep away from the glass
And put under clear regular strength glass or non-glare glass(obscures colors in some