Born in the springtime in Los Angeles, California to Elinora Marchese and Ned Shartel. Elinora is a pianist and artist as well. Barbara’s father Ned came from a family of Architects and builders. There are many “musicians,” “artisans,” dancers and poets in her family. So the Arts come very natural to her.

Barbara attended various schools of Art, Design and Marketing. She studied under Leonard Posteshman renowned for not only his Oils and Bronze Sculptors, but excelled in 16th century French Pastels. He being one of the top Pastel Artists in the US and Mexico , was also a student of” Russo” the United States top Portrait Artist of his time! Barbara also studied under Norwegian born Jan Straethers of Norway. He is world renowned for scientifically dissecting the chemicals, herbs and pigment used by the “ Old Masters”. Taught Barbara to Boil and Mix Linseed oil by hand creating an even more refined mixture for Skin on Portraits.. Jan was a fine Old Masters painter and portrait artist himself. Knowing and painting like many of the Masters from De Vince’ Also “Fragnard “to the fine artists of today! Famous too for his fine Bronze Figure Sculptors.

Barbara having a heavy European heritage reflects a unique impressionistic approach to her paintings, while realism flows through her Portraits. Holding a degree in Interior Design she is able to incorporate the colors of her clients decors in her paintings. This will enhance the various rooms in their homes. She has been commissioned from Coast to Coast on the mainland and also has works in Hawaii and Europe. She works in Oil’s and French Pastels. Barbara would be considered a “Colorist”.

Barbara moved back from Hawaii , and now resides in a Porter Ranch Estate in Southern California. Her Children and Grand Children appear as subjects in some of her work.